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Our Business

Our Business
INSPECS Corporation was established in May 2012.
Our company name is derived from INternational Service, Project and Energy ConsultantS, and we are experts with vast and lengthy experience working overseas as expatriates; mainly in the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia.
Our staff has specialized in working as information researchers, overseas business and marketing executives, as well as technical engineers who consistently engaged in factory construction and operational management. Our valuable experience is unique and unrivaled.
Our main goal is to provide world-class service with unconventional yet professional added values to be “a bridge” between our clients and the global business world.
We collect, analyze and evaluate information relating to global events that can meet our customers' needs. We provide this information to all clients that are now operating in foreign countries.
We are consultants that support international organizations and private companies in a variety of ways by researching their business activities to meet their specific needs.
Currently, there is a strong interest in reviewing the risk management involved in overseas business development, particularly after the incidents of the In Amenas/Syria hostage crisis that occurred in the past several years.
We also play a large role in building a training system for the development of human resources and skills (capacity building) to manage the overseas deployment of company staff and instruct them on how to handle risk management.

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